The best honey that can be consumed is the one produced by oneself. For those who are not so lucky, there is us.


Floralia Miel, miel artesana de Extremadura

Our selection

Rosemary honey online store floralia honey

Rosemary honey. Fine and delicate.

Thyme honey online store floralia honey spain

Thyme honey. Sweet but intense. 

Forest Honey online store floralia honey spain

Forest Honey. Strong and persistent. 


Floralia Honey Spain is the denomination under which the essences travel guarded. We feel the need to offer our product directly to the final consumer in order to guarantee that our honey reaches the customer, pure and natural.

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Beekeeping and Turism La Siberia is the project that encompasses and integrates the Line of our Honey with the tourist destination of the Region. A cultural and gastronomic proposal in a natural environment, still unexplored, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 


EL PORTEZUELO hollyday cottage

El Portezuelo Hollyday Cottage was our initiation trip. We have been with her for more than a decade full of satisfaction. We have been improving and expanding the facilities, although rest was always idyllic in an eternal setting.

casa rural el portezueloEl Portezuelo Hollyday Cottage in fuenlabrada de los montes extremadura spain

we are at a crossroads between badajoz, cáceres, toledo, and ciudad real. as exciting as you want it to be. you just have to get on the road. 

There are many ways to meet
 a place, and one of them is through its roads. 2,800 km² with a network of secondary roads governed by the N-502 and the N-430 tha will be fun for those who like to drive and look at the horizon from any vantage point.

cerro masatrigo mountain in extremadura spain


partners floralia honey spain

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