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"the world healthy and free before your eyes".

the Siberian crossroads

 If you ask a Tuareg about wealth and time, he will tell you that they are the same thing. To reach the surroundings of La Sibera Extremeña you will need a lot of wealth. But, paradoxically, when you return, you will be even richer. 

rams bridge in extreme siberia

Although administratively we belong to Extremadura, geographically we are much more. We are also a bit from La Mancha and a bit Andalusian. We are closer to Talavera de la Reina and Ciudad Real than to Badajoz capital, which we have at the same distance as Córdoba or Madrid.

La Siberia is the link with La Mancha towards Levante from Lisbon through the N-430. And an obligatory step in the direct connection between the North of Andalusia and the south of Castilla y León, along the N-502 if you do not want to beat around the bush.

We propose 3 routes in which you depart from El Portezuelo (Fuenlabrada de los Montes), with a range of 150-200 km, to return on the day, or when you deem it appropriate (without taking too long). This way you will understand the reason for the toponym. Siberia is culture, nature, and gastronomy, but it is also a challenge.

Three simple routes, following the cardinal points: East – North – South. Excluding the Western Route, which we talked about in Tierra de Luz, entirely through Extremadura. A light and straight trip to the "american highway" that has nothing to do with the other three. And it is that the orography of this part of Extremadura is optimal for driving without excessive shocks.

EAST ROUTE: Destination Ciudad Real. Highway N-430.

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As soon as you light up a cigarette and finish it, the people of La Mancha are already greeting you with their welcome sign. If you like to drive you will love it, if you don't like it or you are in a hurry, it is not highly recommended, due to the route, the state of the pavement and the freight traffic. As you run into someone who the night before has seen "The devil on wheels" the narration of the facts that you can do in your blog, will be minina.

That there is no highway from Torrefresneda to Ciudad Real is as ridiculous as if the White Star Line ships were still sailing and without boats for everyone. There is a very strong platform to make the conversion of the N-430 into a highway a reality, to which all the town councils that depend on this road are committed.

Ciudad Real capital is just 117 km away, and 30 km further, the Tablas de Daimiel National Park. On the way back, or the next day, you can trace a route that will take you to the Cabañeros National Park. Part of the Floralia Miel hives are located in this natural paradise. Cabañeros, along with other neighboring attractions, has played an important role in the designation of La Siberia as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

NORTH ROUTE. Destination Talavera de Reina. Highway N-502. 

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Highway that connects Ávila with Espiel (Córdoba) in a mammoth and leaden 450 km, and us in the middle!. Just beyond the region, at the height of the Cíjara Nature Reserve, are the Montes de Toledo. You can choose the detour through Puerto Rey to Guadalupe and go down through Cañamero and Logrosan to enjoy them or you can continue to Talavera on a calmer trip.

Talavera is located 128 km. The layout is bad, and as sinuous as the N-430 to Ciudad Real, but it is not so macabre, nor are you going to find the dreaded caravans of trucks. In fact, on the way back, especially if you do it at night, you may not come across more than a dozen cars. Although you have to be very careful because of the hunting dangers. It is easy to see roe deer and deer in the gutter.

Talavera is not the dream city to visit, but it has something that makes it unique. It is a line between two great antagonists: Light and darkness. The passage from the warm and welcoming south, to the cold and inhospitable north. If you place yourself in their center, you can feel that you are at the same distance from both, and, to say the least, it is unsettling.

SOUTH ROUTE. Cordoba destination.

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There are two options: One is through the EX -103 Puebla de Alcocer, EX -322 Cabeza del buey and EX -104 / A-422 Alcaracejos. And a second option (less recommended) by the N-502 Almadén. The first option seems like a sudoku, but the second has a section of 30 km before reaching Almadén, which Norburgring would like.

 It is the most "impossible" route of how many we are proposing, but in reality, Andalusia is only 70 km away. The same thing happens to Almadén, still in La Mancha, as to La Siberia Extremeña. It is at its peak but without springboard. Although in 2018 it enjoyed a presence on one of the most important advertising platforms in Spain, such as the Vuelta Ciclista. In which, the monographs by Carlos de Andrés on the places through which the stages run, are as protagonists as the race itself.

siberia extremeña situation on the map

If you look at a night satellite image at an altitude of about 50 km, you will see a huge black spot in the triangle: Badajoz-Madrid-Córdoba. That means that there is not a single living person walking, and therefore, that in a territory of the size of Switzerland, there is not a single km of highway. This is the great handicap, first for ourselves and then to sell ourselves as a tourist destination. But looking on the positive side, it acts as a sieve to keep us safe from mass tourism.

The transformation of the N-502 and the N-430 into motorways is the key to this whole shebang. One of them (N-430) will be a reality in the short or medium term, because it cannot be otherwise.

 From a romantic point of view, the declaration of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO is being greatly enjoyed. But, as always, the reality is more mundane, and the decisions of the Ministry of Public Works are the ones that really make the difference. So much so, that there are political parties whose representatives in the Congress of Deputies would support whoever went by an AVE.

road map of the siberia extremeña

"The Ministry of Development creates the N-502 and the N-430. UNESCO creates the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve. The Ministry of Development transforms the N-502 and the N-430 into highways. The Biosphere Reserve La Siberia appears on Google Maps with its highways. Madrilenians, Valencians, Andalusians, Extremadurans, and Portuguese include the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve in the equation of their tourist and holiday destinations. Cora Alpha creates Ellysium City. Biosphere of La Siberia becomes international.

The Ministry of Public Works wakes you up from sleep. The suppliers of Extremadura, Ciudad Real and Talavera de la Reina and the inhabitants of La Siberia themselves will continue to suffer tomorrow on the road and in their pockets. Madrilenians, Valencians, Andalusians, Extremadurans, Portuguese will give you a compliment but will continue to choose others with fewer problems. Ellysium City will continue to be a beautiful wallpaper and International Siberia will continue to be in Russia."